Patient Stories

We provide high quality surgery allowing patients speedy recovery, minimal pain and quick return to normal quality of life.

Palmar and axillary hyperhidrosis: sympathectomy

Anna had hyperhidrosis which affected her social life. She had to be conscious of what she wore and how she delt with others because of her hyperhidrosis. Let’s see how she finally found a lifelong solution.

Mrs Mehmood's Thymectomy

Immune disorders with the thymus can be challenging. Robotic surgery allows mediastinal surgery (tight angles in front and behind the heart) to be done safely and with fast recovery.

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Repairing Diaphragm Paralysis

The diaphragm is the main breathing muscle. When it is paralyzed patients can be very crippled. Mrs Evans tells us her relief after repairing her diaphragm by robotic surgery.

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COPD: Is There A Solution?

Bev tells us how he struggled with his COPD. He was determined to find a way out and he finally had his ‘zephyr valves’. Let’s see how he is doing now!

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Home in less than 24 hours!

Going home in less than 24 hrs after major lung surgery and resuming good quality of life makes a big difference. Mrs. Arm tells us how her surgery was and her content.

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Age Is Just A Number

92 year old Gerald Schaef had his lung cancer surgery by key hole at the age of 90. He continues to enjoy good quality life following his curative surgery!

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Noisy breathing and shortness of breath-Bronchoscopy

Aimee tells us her struggle with SGS, and how she finally got back to breathing normally.

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Why Robotics-Patient's perspective

Needing major lung surgery for cancer can be stressful. Mr Hazeldean tells us his experience and how he went through it from diagnosis to cure.